six words that saved me from going crazy.

I have seen you in my dreams is a long time projection about my journeys to scandinavia from 2012-2017. All shot on film longing for lost and manless places.

2017 was one crazy year, business was really bad & I lost myself in depression & anxiety attacks. I had a lot of work to do, with myself & my business.
I still was a newbie in the business but one phone call changed it all. A friend from Sweden invited me to showcase my photos at their yearly Konstrundan in Lund.
I took my last money from my account before authorities took care of it, printed a few photos & took off.

I tried to connect to other Artists in Sweden to showcase at their place & just open my mind to something new.

After spending most of my left budget on prints, gas & ferries, I barely had anything left for a few weeks in the north.
I slept in my car between my photos somewhere in the middle of sweden having nothing except coffee, a few cans of beans & a few austrian beers. I felt so lost & at the same time I felt so at home.
My exhibitions were barley visited. I sold a few postcards but had a few really cool talks. During my exhibition in Gothenburg I was really down, feeling pity for myself but I met so many nice, cool & creative people.

I tried to exhibit in other places but my budget was tight & places who would have welcomed me where to far away.